HSEQ Commitment
Eastern Testing Service Management ensures commitment to valuable clients workforce & environment by achieving excellence in service quality & satisfaction of our partners by making sure that policies and procedures are being followed and practiced at all levels at all times.
Strategic HSE Objectives
Health No harm to people, whether they be employees, contractors or third parties.
Safety No harm to people, whether they be employees. contractors or third parties.
Venting Eliminate continuous venting hydrocarbon disposal.
Resources Optimise use of resources – land, energy and raw materials.
Discharges to water Re-inject produced waters and other effluents unless their discharge is compatible with the surface environment and can be discharged in line with international standards.
Oil-based drilling muds and cuttings Minimise the use of oil-based muds and dispose of drilling muds and contaminated cuttings in ways that do not cause release of contaminates to the environment.
Solid wastes Control and minimise all solid and other wastes and treat and dispose as per international standards.
Oil and chemical spills Prevent oil and chemical spills and, if they do occur, clean them up in a timely and environmental friendly manner.


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