Q: How deep does a CONNEX™ Perforating charge shoot compared to a conventional deep-penetrating charge?

A: CONNEX™ charges shoot nearly as deep as conventional DP charges. However, the overall geometry is far superior. For example, the inflow area of the tunnel is more than doubled.


Q: When will you publish API RP19B Section 1 data for CONNEX™ charges?

A: The enormous lateral energy released by CONNEX™ perforating products destroys the unconfined API RP19B Section 1 target, making it impossible to gather any useful data. All CONNEX™ testing, whether for quality control or performance evaluation, must be performed using confined targets. GEODynamics uses only stressed natural rock targets when testing CONNEX™ Perforating products.


Q: What improvement in inflow performance can I expect?

A: Lab tests comparing CONNEX™ Perforating and conventional high-performance charges under representative conditions indicate 20- 40% inflow performance improvement.


Q: Will CONNEX™ Perforating work in every formation?

A: The bulk of CONNEX™ tests completed to date have been carried out in moderate strength sandstones. We expect excellent performance in harder sandstones, and additional tests are underway to investigate whether CONNEX™ Perforating is of benefit in poorly consolidated, weaker sandstones. Early tests indicate promising results in carbonates. Tests in shale and coal are planned as we continue to broaden our understanding of the technology.


Q: Does CONNEX™ introduce any HSE or operational risk?

A: No, CONNEX™ products can be handled and deployed in exactly the same way as conventional charges. None of the materials used to generate the Reactive™ perforating effect introduce any health or environmental risk.


Q: Does the secondary reaction cause damage to the gun or casing?

A: Since the Reactive™ event takes place in the perforation tunnel, the gun, casing and completion are unaffected. Cement damage has not been observed in laboratory tests, and is not expected under downhole conditions.


Q: Since the secondary reaction is exothermic, does it melt or glaze the tunnel?

A: Just as with the conventional perforating event, formation rock is not “glazed” because the high-temperature event is of insufficient duration for melting to occur. The measured flow performance of tunnels created with CONNEX™ charges confirms that they are undamaged.


Q: What are the best candidate wells for CONNEX™ perforating?

A: CONNEX™ perforating technology removes the dependency of tunnel cleanup on underbalance and formation quality. Ideal candidates are therefore wells where it is difficult or impossible to apply drawdown when perforating, and wells with significant rock property variations across the target interval. Examples include low-pressure gas wells, wells with existing open perforations (especially if the zone to be perforated is of poorer quality than the open interval) and formations with significant permeability contrast between layers. CONNEX™ perforating should be considered whenever offset wells exhibit perforation damage after applying conventional technology, e.g. requiring acid wash or breakdown treatment.


Q: Where have CONNEX™ perforating systems been deployed, and what results have been obtained?

A: The first CONNEX™ systems are being run in North America and Canada, with applications in Europe and the Middle East planned later this year. No well results have yet been published, but we will issue an update to this guide as soon data become available and the operators in question give us permission to publish.


Q: What sizes are currently available? Will you develop CONNEX™ products in all sizes?

A: The first CONNEX™ product is a 3.3/8” 25g HMX charge, optimized for moderate strength sandstone. The next sizes to be developed are 2”, 2.7/8” and 4.1/2”. We expect to develop CONNEX™ products in all the conventional sizes but the timing will be driven by market demand. More importantly, we expect to develop variants of the most common sizes that are optimized for different formation types and conditions, e.g. for hard or soft sandstones, carbonates, shale etc.


Q: Can CONNEX™ perforating products be purchased from any service provider?

A: GEODynamics is an independent perforating equipment supplier and we are happy to supply any reputable service provider. Since GEODynamics’ preference is to work with committed, long-term partners, our Preferred Customer Program ensures service providers that regularly purchase significant quantities of equipment from GEODynamics receive attractive discounts and priority service. CONNEX™ products are available on a global basis and GEODynamics is pleased to work with local and international service companies.


Q: What role do QinetiQ and Shell play in the supply of CONNEX™ products?

A: The enabling technology behind Reactive™ perforating of which CONNEX™ is the first commercial product was developed by QinetiQ under the sponsorship and vision of Shell. GEODynamics holds a perpetual exclusive license to the technology. GEODynamics, QinetiQ and Shell have built a strong working relationship and look forward to continued collaboration.


Q: How much does CONNEX™ perforating cost compared to conventional products?

A: The additional functionality that CONNEX™ products deliver inevitably incurs additional materials and manufacturing cost. Furthermore, since CONNEX™ charges are optimized for flow, quality control must be carried out using stressed rock targets, which adds additional cost. However, since CONNEX™ charges deliver demonstrably higher perforating efficiency and superior flow performance, the value per shot is much greater than can be delivered by conventional technology – especially when the cost of remedial activities such as acid wash or stimulation is taken into consideration.


Q: How quickly can you develop a CONNEX™ product for my specific well conditions?

A: Subject to resource availability at our Technology Center, an optimized system can typically be developed and manufactured in 60 days or less. A more accurate estimate can be provided as soon as we receive details of your proposed application.


Q: Can I use CONNEX™ products before acidizing or fracture stimulation?

A: Absolutely. Clean CONNEX™ tunnels should be ideal for acid placement and effectiveness, and should result in lower breakdown pressures when fracturing.

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