Early production and Extended Well Test Facilities and Plants

With the high price of oil and the steadily increasing cost of conventional development projects, the oil industry has to be in search of ways of going into a production mode as quickly as possible. Eastern Testing Services can offer their customer a full package solution having expertise of a dedicated team.
Such early production facilities are now becoming recognized for the positive contributions they can make to oilfield economics. We stand ready to provide the services required to put them in place in a matter of a few weeks. By using standard applications, a great deal of time and money can be saved thus facilitating early production.

EPFs and fast-track schedules can help operators create an early cash flow with only minimum cash expenditure. EPFs can be used for small reserves that would be financially risky or uneconomical to produce with a permanent production facility.


Flexible business models

Eastern Testing Services offers a variety of commercial business models for EPFs that pay for clients the flexibility to maximize their return on investment: 

Build—Own—Operate (equipment rental plus operation) 
Build—Own—Operate—Transfer (equipment rental plus operation with the option to purchase)

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