People, quality, safety and technology for superior service.

Our slickline services reduce well intervention costs and increase production. Experienced, well trained personnel can reduce the frequency of trips into the well and restore full production with a minimum of non-productive downtime.

Innovative technology enhances remedial service work. Perforating, tubing cutting, and packer setting are conducted on slickline, which saves you money.

Eastern Testing Slickline services use state-of-the-art capable of spooling out 25,000 feet of metal wire ranging from 0.108 to 0..125 inches in thickness into a range of differently configured oil or gas wellbores. We specialize in:

  • removing unwanted obstructions 
  • obtaining bottom hole pressures upto 20K Psi. 
  • measuring temperatures as high as 200 °C / 395 °F 
  • increasing well production and control flow 
  • plugs 
  • downhole fishing 
  • swabbing

All the information we gather is transferred to our labs for timely delivery to our clients. For rush jobs the information can be transferred from our trucks via a linked network and analyzed in our labs quickly for situations that need to be addressed immediately. 

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